Fango-crema termoattivo, 250 ml




Anticellulite -toning -sculpting. A mud of laminaria algae and fucus “In cream”, with intensive action, specially formulated to lighten tissues affected by water retention, localized adiposity and cellulite. Thanks to its “Absorbable” texture, it does not stain skin or tissues and it is easy to use. With its balanced thermogenic action, it generates a slight sensation of subcutaneous heat that reactivates the microcirculation functions and the removal of liquids and toxins.The high content of escinincreases capillary resistance and helps to counteract edematous stagnation and the reappearance of cellulite accumulations. Enhanced with cynarine vegetal slim complex and polyphenols from peruvian ginseng, it favors the “De-stocking” of adipose accumulations, remodeling the silhouette profile. Enriched with arnica montanaextract and sea salt, it purifies the skin from toxins while giving elasticity and tone to the tissues.